Hello World

Building Hope is a refugee camp building and management game. The idea of the game has appeared after the humanitarian crisis reached a peak in the Syrian Civil War. As a game studio founded in Turkey, which hosts the most refugees globally, we closely experience the hardness of being a refugee. The contrast between cold statistical data and real human stories encouraged us to develop a city-builder genre game based on refugee camps.


However, a striking reality hit us while we were inspecting these stories; everybody is a potential refugee. All refugees emphasize the same fact; none of them expected to become homeless and leave their country in harsh conditions. Safety is an illusion; in the climate change era, also with radicalism in politics rising, no one has a guaranteed future. At this moment, Building Hope’s developing content started to evolve from the recent past refugee crisis to fictional near-future scenarios.

Building Hope has scenarios with a couple of maps, i.e., the Red Soil scenario based on the Somalian Civil War and refugee camps at the Kenya border. Each scenario covers different regions of the world, and their maps have different gameplay dynamics.


Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is our main developing approach to NPC mechanics. The player’s first goal is to provide shelter, food, and clean water to refugees. Providing these needs has alternative methods and strategies; i.e., players could decide to build better residential buildings or give up on building residential buildings (refugees will develop their own slum neighborhoods) and allocate resources to build a better and effective food/water distribution system. After providing basic needs, refugees’ needs evolve to upper levels at Maslow’s Pyramid; education, fun, and sport are involved in the game. Upcoming dev log entries will include more detailed explanations about these mechanics and much more.


These are enough for the first entry; we are excited about Building Hope and keep following us in this adventure.