War in Ukraine

Hello to the Camp Managers,


As gyroscoping games we see games are a kind of projection of real life. We continuously observe and analyze real life in the development process to create more accurate games. In the journey of developing Building Hope, our refugee camp game, we faced lots of heartbreaking miseries, traumas, and pains in various geographical regions worldwide.


Unfortunately, Ukraine is the last of them.


With a naive hope in our hearts that the war in Ukraine will be the last to drive people out of their homes, we are also arguing with our team about how we can be the voice of unheard stories of people by using the power of games.


Our first response is to create a scenario and map(s) about refugees of this war. We are collecting data from the field over news resources and social media. We want to add a map of a  refugee reception center in Poland to Building Hope. We will announce more detailed info about this map(s) later.


We are also preparing to open a blog on our website ( to publish real refugee stories. We collaborate with 3rd Party resources to use their content on our website. Still, also we are waiting for your contributions anonymously or openly. If you are a former refugee or a witness of a refugee crisis, feel free to share your story with us.


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